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Many people, like you, from all walks of life such as students, the elderly, parents, professionals, therapists, consultants, trainers, energy healers and celebrities as well as many others have been using Metaphysical Solutions Energy Field Essences for a variety of personal and professional needs. As you continue looking at this site, you will find out more about how our range of beneficial essences can be helping you make positive changes in a very easy and powerful way, unlocking and unleashing new abilities and possibilities inside your mind, and much more that is yet to be discovered. Read testimonials & feedback here. Read Articles in the Press - (NEW!!)

As you read this, imagine how great it would be if the power to heal, change and evolve who you are is placed infront of you. Metaphysical Solutions Energy Field Essences put the power of healing and change back into your hands in a way that is easy to use so that you can be moving your life in the direction that you want leading to much more. Metaphysical Solutions Energy Field Essences, co-created by Alison Murtough, are easy to use powerful tools allowing you to access a particular vibration/frequency and enabling you to automatically integrate and learn that energy/information into your energy system, bringing physical, emotional and spiritual healing. Each essence is unique. These powerful essences can help you assist your self-healing to clear karma, balance your entire chakra system, align sacred geometries, release grief and fear, stop negative behaviours, better health, increase confidence and strength, knowledge, creativity, deepen healing and meditation, learn to manifest easily, experience more love and abundance, feel more peace, to experience clarity and happiness, look and feel younger and will unlock new abilities, raise your consciousness and vibration creating rapid spiritual growth. These essences greatly accelerate the ascension process and are essential tools taking self-mastery to new levels. Want to know more? Read about our range of essences here?

Why look after our energy systems?

We are vibrational beings and are affected by frequencies such as sound, light, colour and emotions. Illnesses, addictions, negative emotions and beahviours occur when our vibrations become unbalanced and our energetic equilibrium is disturbed. To be healthy in mind, body and spirit, an individual needs to have a high rate of vibration in their physical and auric bodies. Read more here. Metaphysical Solutions Energy Field Essences are powerful energetic vibrations for use in the aura to raise your vibratory level. The essences energetically clear and strengthen your system assisting you to reach your full potential

Many thousands of people around the world are working at raising their consciousness in a global effort to bring balance to our planet in order that we may, as a whole, return to living in peace, joy and love. As you read this, realise that the more each one of us learns to heal one another, to tap into new energies that lead to greater possibilities for ourselves and others, the more the world around us will change for the better; it is an individual responsibility. These essences help accelerate that process.

Our range presently includes:

Archimedes, Karmic Release, No Fear, Letting Go, Chakra Balance, Third Eye, Meditation, Nefertiti, Aphrodite, Lemurian, Osiris, Copernicus, Gabriel, Horus, Isis, Shiva, Krishna/Vishnu, Sekhmet, Sri Yantra, Kwan Yin, Thoth, Pythagorus, Merlin, Fairy Queen

3 Essences that will help you:
- Increase Intelligence
- Balance the Left & Right Hemisphere's of your brain
Experience Total Focus

Try not to get too excited at all the possibilities you could create if you were able to work faster, generate more ideas, been more creative and think in new perspectives plus more, and ask yourself what would I do if I knew I couldn't fail and I had all the internal resources I need and more? How great is that?... but if you're already feeling some excitement now, however much, then realise that this SPECIAL OFFER is only FOR A LIMITED TIME and the packs are available only in LIMITED NUMBERS -

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The essences are available as individual bottles or in attractive boxed sets. The perfect new age gift for yourself, your friends and family. Solutions for individual empowerment, health and emotional healing in this new age of spirituality.



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